The top 20 best skinny pornstars

While fucking hot and small Porntars is not something a lot of people will do in their lives; one can simply find a skinny girlfriend and fuck that asshole till it bleeds. Today, we are taking a break from big tits, or big, anal-ready asses, and instead are focusing on the survivors of the Holocaust. Anyway, some of the listed petite pornstars are so skinny that you can see the bones on their fucking small tits. For the opposite side of the spectrum, we always have hot BBW and chubby adult performers.

We have started this top 10 with some of the hottest skinny girls there are and have since updated to include another 10 pornstars, all for your stroking or smacking pleasure.

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best skinny pornstars

21. best skinny pornstars: Naomi Woods

naomi woods 8

Yeah, black guys got to fuck a delicious skinny pornstar, Naomi Woods. Bleached blond hair and miniature facial features bring out the best of this slut. She’s the master of thick cock rodeo and is about to celebrate another gangbang. That’s the reason behind Champaign popping and it won’t be the only thing to pop. It’s only the beginning and our arousal levels have reached the maximum.

Tiny pornstars make even average cocks appear massive! In this scenario, the size exaggeration is not even needed. It’s a scene of contrasts, light skin mixed with dark, and a tiny butt that almost disappears among these studs.

20. best skinny pornstars: Angel Smalls

best skinny pornstars Angel Smalls angel smalls 4
best skinny pornstars: Angel Smalls

There isn’t a scene where Angel Smalls does not do anal, I am dead fucking serious. It’s like her default hole for anything, from fucking to storage. It’s like a black hole, it will suck everything in. This one particular is very popular among porn viewers that enjoy scenes with small girls getting stretched. She is from America, for better or worse and that is not something I have expected, considering the pale white skin and a body built in a way that reminds me of starvation. It’s not just hot, it’s burning my eyes as I watch. Thought she was Russian or Eastern European.

Angel has already achieved the maximum level of anal games, there is nothing to reach further, fisting and massive insertions are just the tips of the iceberg.

19. best skinny pornstars: Crystal Greenvelle

crystal greenvelle toby 15
Crystal Greenvelle

Yes for anal, two dicks in the ass, three dicks, four dicks, unlimited dicks! That’s Crystal Greenvelle for you. Thicker girls sometimes have trouble fitting thick cocks, which just shows that determination is all you need in the porn business.

She is probably the biggest skinny whore we have ever seen, and we all know what the OP’s mom was up to last night. The whole thing is even worse when you consider her nun outfit. No shame and zero regrets. If you are into tiny sluts who know how to fuck then Crystal is one to meet with some luck. This is almost rhyming, rap material right here.

18. best skinny pornstars: Madelyn Monroe

best skinny pornstars Madelyn Monroe madelyn monroe 1
best skinny pornstars: Madelyn Monroe

Now, this pornstar just does not give a fuck. Her ass has met more black dicks than my mouth has met coffee cups and I drink five cups per day. Blonde, with fake eyelashes, decent makeup, okay tits, and just overall, your average female performer package in the sea of petite pornstars. Even though both dudes don’t have large dicks, they do look huge in front of small spaces.

Jerkmate - DOI - Responsive 300x250 square

Cum swapping looks like the ultimate expression of approval from a fellow female. I approve of this scene and you should too.

17. best skinny pornstars: Elsa Jean

Mom, is that you? Sister? Aunt? Now if you are into interracial petite porn with big dicks and tiny clits, then not only will Elsa Jean satisfy your needs, but she will go above and beyond anything you have ever imagined. You see that try hard on the left? This bleached blond is your pornstar of the year.

Don’t worry though, she fucks white guys too as seen here, and if you just want to have a small peek at what she has been up to, check any of the popular porn sites. She has been on most of them. Better yet, just open XVideos, PornHub, or any of the free tube sites to get an idea.

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16. best skinny pornstars: Gina Gerson

gina gerson 13

Anal? Yes? Gangbangs? Of course. These are just warmup sessions for another petite pornstar, Gina Gerson. You can see her veins, tiny tits, and bones. Fuck, I am sure you could see the contents of her stomach if you were to zoom in. It’s like watching a hot documentary about anorexic chicks. Not to make fun of the subject.

We are not sure how such a small performer can take so many cum filled rockets at once, but it is a perfect one to jerk off to if you are into facials, two dicks in ass, future bukkake, and all that stuff. Like the Android phone, she has all the best features. Where can you find more of Gina? Close to 15 scenes are available on RealityKings.

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15. best skinny pornstars: Staci Silverstone

staci silverstone 6

If the video above does not make you hard then I have some bad news for you, bro, you are gay. Don’t worry though, just keep on forcing yourself and go back to the white side. In all seriousness, Staci is simply divine in many aspects. Mother nature was greedy when it comes to her body fat or curves, which is a good thing as this is the fucking petite porn stars list. Her tiny tits and tight pussy can be seen in this scene too.

There is nothing like fucking a small chick, would take it any day over anal and I am an ass man. It’s the whole experience of her thinking that your cock is massive, and you feel like a real man.

14Foxy Di

Let’s inspect this one bite sweetie closely. Small tits, little to no fat, flat stomach, some abs, and ribs showing, we love it. Foxy Di has been performing in the industry for quite some time now, mostly doing erotica and sensual videos, which she is good at. We just had to include her on the list. It’s not hardcore exclusive, you know.


We adore her content and the guys at Passion HD do an amazing job at showing Foxy Di at her best angles and sides. She is 24-years old but still looks like a teen pornstar.

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13Alex Grey

Oh, Alex… If only we knew each other… You have everything I have ever dreamed of in my wildest fantasies. Anyway, this is another of our favorites, mostly because she does public porn. Alex Grey is skinny as fuck and there is something about her face and figure that just screams “angel” to us.

Dear heavenly blessed beauty, please save us from the fat whores that plague this earth. Seriously, just look at her, it is a 10/10 wife material and her performance is always out of this world. As corny as those “fell from heaven” jokes are, there is no better way to describe what we are seeing.

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12Ariana Marie

Here we are again, giving identical titles to multiple scenes. I can’t help myself when I get turned on by skinny chicks. This is one of the hottest videos I have seen in a while, as fucking someone with their clothes still on, in poor lighting… It just makes my dick shoot muscle milk. Thankfully, she made many dicks hard, from vaginal, anal, and all kinds of fucking.

Skinny, with round and tanned tits, and more of natural beauty. God bless her and just wow… Jaw dropper and a self-observing pornstar too. See how she drops the top to make the male performer that much happier. The girls I fucked just stare at me as I fuck, without doing much. She has over 20 videos on the other website, which leads us to…

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11Remy Lacroix

I am sorry about the quality in advance. I’ll be fair, this tiny ass video is as rare as a virgin whore surrounded by horny devils with $100 bills. However, we did manage to find the source (see below). It was not easy as there is no watermark or anything.

Now that you have learned to appreciate our effort, let’s talk about pornstars. As far as Remy Lacroix goes, she is just adorable and genuinely enjoys having fun, be it fucking, pussy licking, or lesbian activities. Now excuse me for a moment, I have more saliva in my mouth than from watching someone eat juicy lemons.

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10Kennedy Kressler

Less than 95 pounds (43 kg) is how much Kennedy Kressler weighs. That’s the size of a large fries and coke in the US and far less than your gun-obsessed hippo eats in a day. Looking at her size, you can’t help but want to treat her right. Be gentle, buy flowers, pay for every meal, and all that beta garbage, you know…

Yeah, maybe until you look at her fetishes that range from extreme porn to BDSM. That and a profile picture with a dick larger than your house and (naturally) her mouth.

9Petite Marie

For phonetically awesome pornstars that have not been ruined yet, we have Petite Marie. She did not do mainstream porn until 2021, only cam and private shows. Yes, she fucks now, takes it deep and all that jazz but the only way to find her is on various cam sites like Chaturbate.

Most of you will be okay with that as the quality of the camera and production values do mimic successful porn sites. That’s what I thought initially, minus static shots. While I am not a fan of petite pornstars with tattoos, she is the only exception in the world, and I am more than happy to fuck her if God itself demands. I am sure that the choke collar does have his tag there ingrained already.

8Staci Carr

This one is someone who we have just discovered and my god, is she adorable. Small, with nice natural tits, and a pussy so red that you could use it as a stop sign replacement. The videos we have seen of her made us fall in love even more. Your average girl next door is hot in every way, shape, and form.

I was successful only once at convincing my now ex-girlfriends to do public flashing or sex and watching Staci Carr give me a glimpse of all the good moments we would have had.

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7Hime Marie

One of the most beautiful, yet weird-looking petite pornstars of all time, Hime Marie. She looks great, like a true barbie but something is happening with her face. Maybe the eyebrows that are too dark? It’s almost as if she was male in her previous life and I am saying that with the warmest regards. It’s not a bad thing and her ranking alone should tell you that.

Extremely small, with beautiful blond hair (just like many of today’s skinniest performers), and a non-flat chest. Are we staring at the miracle? Her finishing move, when I have reached the point of no return is near the end, where Hime is fucked mid-air. There is semen all over my hands and computer.

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6Jane Wilde

Her asshole swallows fingers easier than I have had hoped for. It could be just the relaxation thing, but that’s the only problem I have with Jane. Especially digging the school outfit that is perfect for her body type. It’s fun to watch roleplay porn and Wilde excels in this scenario.

Sometimes I wonder if most of these pornstars are trying to emulate Piper? All of them are almost too identical. I know that blond hair is a popular color in porn, but once you add a tiny body and dark eyebrows, then things get weird. Peak at that cowgirl scene and tell me that I am wrong. She is a clone.

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5Janice Griffith

Who is Janice and why should anyone take note? I have edited this porn cut specifically to show you all the best qualities in the first 5 seconds, which includes sucking cock so good that it becomes moister than the ocean and sitting on a massive cock in slow motion (that’s all her, she moves at that speed in real life). It’s also great to see a small pornstar that is not white, this is one for those that appreciate exotic girls too.

Watching her perform is like having a Thanksgiving dinner, you just want to hug everyone and appreciate the most beautiful things in life. If her pussy would be any deeper, I’d fall in love.

4Kiara Cole

If you prefer skinny over pretty and tiny asses over big chests, grab a pack of napkins as we have something special for you. Kiara Cole has one of the smallest butts of pornstar women in this top 10, and if it wasn’t for the body ruining tattoos and weird facial expressions, it could very well be our number one pick.

I cannot stress enough how incredibly beautiful she looks naked and damn, look at that booty. The more I look, the more I want to push other pornstars out of her way and just crown her as the queen of small pornstars. However, I do see some room for improvement and hopefully so do you. Kiara Cole is still a fresh pornstar in the business, which is the perfect time to hop on her bandwagon and keep your eyes open for more.

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3Piper Perri

Is it even fair to mention Piper Perri? This is a pornstar that started the whole petite girl’s revolution in porn, she is the brute force behind the trend, and we all know why. Such a positive performer, nothing but good words are coming out of all male or female pornstars that have worked with her and for the fans, the semen is always coming out.

Her squatting on the dick technique is amazing, takes it all in, despite the size and without breaking a sweat. I have long debated with myself if she should take the number one spot but considered more things than just barbie looks… We are happy with the choice and that’s a conclusion to our top 20. For 2022, let’s push her to a farther position.

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2Megan Rain

Thank you for a petite pornstar that is brunette, was getting tired of seeing nothing but cheap Chinese clones. Such an energetic performer with a grin on her face and a well-maintained body. Some pornstars stretch assholes, Megan stretches the rest of her body.

Do you know what she reminds me of? Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) from Lost. Remember that annoying bitch from the series? Always wanted to see her naked and Megan Rain is the one making it all real. This bitch is fucking talented, an A+ for everything.

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1Kenzie Reeves

This will anger the die-hard Perri fans but there’s now a fresh actress with a tiny body that is so much better! For instance, Kenzie does anal and the battle to the top is now over. Before it even started.

By comparison, Piper looks like a bore. How many years did we wait for her to be fucked in the ass? Feels like an eternity. She’s no longer exciting. Meh… Move over! That comes from me, the one person who put her to the #1 spot just a few years ago. Reeve’s ass and tits are just as small, maybe even smaller. Scene variety is better as well, looks too. We can’t picture a better pornstar for the category.

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