MG Premium to take After Copyright Lawsuit Victory

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A federal court on Tuesday awarded MG Premium, a subsidiary of MindGeek, nearly $36 million in copyright damages in its two-year legal battle against the owners and operators of the site, and ordered the infringing domain to be handed to the plaintiff.


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According to XBIZ, in March 2020, MG Premium, a MindGeek firm characterized by its lawyers as “among the world’s leading providers of adult entertainment content,” filed a case seeking damages and injunctive action against the proprietors of and

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MG Premium claimed that defendants Thomas Zang, Howard Stroble, Mathew Bradley, Michael Goal, and Mateusz Czajka ran “websites engaged in the business of copying and distributing infringing audiovisual works” while “acting as a distributor.”

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The first complaint was nearly 60 pages long in spreadsheet format, and it listed 3,078 films that MG Premium claims YesPornPlease stole.

Judge Benjamin H. Settle ordered statutory damages in favor of MG Premium of $15,000 for each of the 2,433 infringing movies, totaling $36,495,000, in his default ruling, which was first published by the TorrentFreak news site.

MG Premium had first sought the maximum statutory damages for losses estimated at $727 million.

The judge stated that it is doubtful that MG Premium would be able to collect the granted damages from the defendants.

Jason Tucker of Battleship Stance advised MG Premium on the lawsuit.

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“What’s important is that the judge ordered the domain transfer,” Tucker said to XBIZ. “Our staff worked really hard on this matter. We are satisfied with the results and believe

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