how to make money on pornhub

how to make money on pornhub. you’ve heard about several people using Pornhub to generate money and you’re curious about how it’s done. You will gain a thorough grasp of the many Pornhub revenue streams from this post.

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It doesn’t seem like many people are paying any money to use Pornhub. These days, there are a few films with obvious charges attached, but the majority of the core content is freely available. Therefore, it might surprise you to hear that Pornhub is a money maker for both its content creators and its owners.


The days of professional pornstars being the only ones able to make money off of their work on porn websites like Pornhub are long gone. These days, even average individuals like you and me may launch a pornographic website and profit handsomely from other adult websites on the internet.

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Even amateurs may profit from selling their video material in a variety of ways by using websites like Pornhub. The nice thing is that there are a lot of other options available outside just video material for regular people to earn money.

What is Pornhub?

It’s crucial to comprehend Pornhub’s purpose and operation before delving into its business plan. When it was launched in 2007, Pornhub has been the most well-known porn company in the world. Users may communicate with one other, leave comments on movies, create videos, and earn money on Pornhub – it’s like Facebook for sexual entertainment.

can you make money on pornhub

Yes you make money on pornhub. In the Model Program, you are paid a percentage of the advertising revenue made on your verified videos. The percentage of your payout is dependent on the performance (views and rating) of your video. Check your earnings tab often to track your earnings! Note: You must be logged in to access your earnings tab. 

As an example, the average RPM (revenue per mille, or how much you make for 1000 views) in 2021 was $0.66

How to make money on Pornhub?

Pornhub’s Diverse Income Streams and Their Earning Potential
More options to earn money than in a traditional orgy are available on Pornhub. Naturally, we shall discuss each of these at a later time.

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Now, it’s a bit harder to say how much money porn performers make on pornhub. You are the primary component that will determine how that section of the equation turns out. here are some ways to make money on pornhub.

1. Ad revenue

The most common way of making money on Pornhub is through ad revenues. Users publish free-to-watch videos on Pornhub, and depending on the views your video gets, you make money. Whenever any user watches your video, rates your video, and clicks on the ads on your video, you make money from ad revenues.

2. Video sales

You may sell films on Pornhub’s sibling website, Modelhub, once your account has been validated. You may offer your films for free on Modelhub and earn money from ad income if you are unable to generate purchases there.

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3. Custom videos

Serving your followers’ requests for personalized videos on Pornhub is one way to earn money from them. You may charge whatever fee you want for the bespoke videos your followers want if you establish yourself as a popular user on Pornhub and gain a fan base. On Pornhub, creating original videos is a terrific way to earn additional money.

4. Tips & Fanclub

Tips from your followers might also help you get money on Pornhub. Your devoted followers may leave tips on your profile and assist you in earning money, just as on other adult social networks like OnlyFans. Create high-quality material for your fan club to grow, and then it will be simple to seek advice from your followers.

5. Referrals

Pornhub has one of the best referral programs, where they pay you $50 for every referral made. All you have to do is refer interested people to Pornhub and ask them to sign up using your unique referral code. Once they sign up and upload 2 videos on Pornhub, you get $50 as a commissi


6. Pornhub premium

You may post films for sale on Pornhub Premium after you’ve been verified as an amateur on the platform. Pornhub receives a portion of the money users spend for the ad-free Pornhub Premium membership. To make your video accessible for viewing and downloading on Pornhub Premium, tick the “viewable on premium” checkbox when you publish any kind of video to the platform.


You can set any content that you upload on Pornhub as downloadable and make money from it. Set a price for the content that you want to sell and let users buy it from your profile.

8. Contests & Awards

Models can enter a monthly themed contest hosted by Pornhub by submitting one submission each. The first three place winners get cash ($3,000, $2,000, and $1,000), and the best 50 films are showcased on Pornhub’s homepage the next month.


But there are other competitions on Pornhub. Additionally, there are contests for Model of the Month and Model of the Year.

How Much Does Pornhub Pay Per Free-to-view Videos

There are adverts anywhere there is content. Additionally, you get compensated for the views and ad rate in areas with advertisements.

Ad fee increases in direct proportion to the effectiveness of the adverts on your video.
Put another way, you will profit more if more people click on the advertisements and if they result in more purchases.

As a point of comparison, Pornhub’s average revenue per mile (RPM) for the year 2021 was $0.66. Although this may seem like a small figure, consider that the website receives close to 3 billion hits each month.

Additional Revenue Options on Pornhub

There are a few more methods to earn money on Pornhub in addition to the ones mentioned above. Because of this, Pornhub is an extremely well-liked adult marketplace. Like YouTube, earning money on Pornhub is simple. Let’s look at several other Pornhub income streams and ways to be compensated for porn.

Pornhub affiliate links for adults

Through affiliate links, you may monetize your website by directing traffic to Pornhub. To use Pornhub’s adult affiliate network, you must first create your porn website utilizing pre-made scripts such as xStreamer. After that, you may apply to become an affiliate partner with Pornhub and send visitors to the platform using your affiliate link.

Patreon Donations

Patreon is a content-sharing platform that accepts certain NSFW content. Pornhub creators may add a Patreon contribution link to their profile, where fans can donate to their favorite creators.

How much does Pornhub pay?

Now that you are aware of how to monetize your content on Pornhub, let us explain how much the platform pays artists for the aforementioned methods. Pornhub’s rewards are among the finest in the business, which accounts for its appeal.

  1. Revenue from ads – Pornhub provides an RPM(rate per mille) of $0.69 for every 1000 views on the video posted by creators.
  2. Revenue from video sales – Creators can keep 65% of the sale amount of videos on Pornhub.
  3. Revenue from custom videos – Same as video sales, creators get 65% of the amount the video is sold to users by them.
  4. Revenue from tips & Fanclub – Creators on Pornhub get to keep 80% of the earnings they make through tips from fans.
  5. Revenue from referrals – For every successful referral, the creator gets $50 after the referred model uploads 2 videos.
  6. Revenue from Pornhub premium – Pornhub premium pays better rates for videos than free videos. Creators can earn $40 to $45 for 1000 views on videos on Pornhub premium.
  7. Revenue from downloads – Creators can set the price for downloads, and they get 65% of the amount as earnings from downloads.
  8. Revenue from export to partners – The exact amount of revshare is unknown and can be anything between 50% to 70%.
  9. Revenue from contest prizes – The prize amount differs from contest to contest. You will need to follow the contest to know the exact prize amount.

How much can you make on pornhub?

In the Model Program, you are paid a percentage of the advertising revenue made on your verified videos. The percentage of your payout is dependent on the performance (views and rating) of your video. Check your earnings tab often to track your earnings! Note: You must be logged in to access your earnings tab. 

As an example, the average RPM (revenue per mille, or how much you make for 1000 views) in 2021 was $0.66.

Pornhub pays $0.69 for every 1000 views on a free video. For Pornhub premium, you can get paid anything between $40 to $45 for every 1000 views on your video.

How do you get paid on Pornhub?

You may begin the payment procedure on Pornhub once you’ve earned more than $100. We will go into detail about each withdrawal option so you can select the one that works best for you.

  • Direct deposit
  • Check
  • Paxum
  • Cosmo
  • Crypto

Tips to make money on Pornhub

  • 1. Choose a niche
  • 2. Be consistent
  • 3. Post high-quality content
  • 4. Use keywords
  • 5. Collaborate with other models
  • 6. Utilize Pornhub marketing tools

How to set up a payment method and choose a beneficiary?

To make sure you are paid, it’s critical to set up your payment method with the correct information. You must first decide whether to create an individual or business account. To process payments, we need the account type and all necessary details. Our banks need this extra data to adhere to global “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering laws.

You’re all set if you choose Individual and you are the account holder and the payment beneficiary. Nothing further needs to be done.

How Much Are Creators on PornHub Making?

How much money can you make on Pornhub? Turns out, very, very nice. A six-figure income is undoubtedly feasible, since many of the best content creators on the platform consistently earn over $20,000. No, we are not discussing pros with lavish studios and the best filmmaking gear.

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