Sexbot Guide: Top Best AI Sex Dolls & Sex Robots

AI Sex Dolls & Sex Robots contains the World’s Best Sex Robot and AI Sex Doll Companies. AI-powered sex robots were selling well during the shutdown, which concerned some experts, who believe they might present some unexpected regulatory issues.

Starting to appear on the market are life-sized sex dolls robot AI with animatronics and artificial intelligence.

These prototypes provide hints as to what fully functional sex robots may look like in the not-too-distant future, despite the fact that they are still mostly in the developmental stage.

The design and look of artificial lovers may be affected by public discussion at this point, as testing is already ongoing, not to mention potential interactions. A robotic love doll or an AI sex doll personality may already be downloaded today and used for romantic and sexy chats.

Additionally, while certain sexbot and artificial intelligence sex doll projects are further along than others, competitor businesses are rising to compete for a slice of this potentially extremely profitable robot market.

1. AI Tech – ‘Emma’ SEXDOLL AI

emma f1 02

AI-Tech’s Emma 1 is here to meet your needs in whatever way you choose and is willing to become your girlfriend if you want her to. Your voice will be recognized, and you are free to discuss anything with her. She gets smarter the more you converse with her. Additionally, Emma is quite intelligent and is proficient in math and geography. She can also tell jokes and stories.

Emma will intimately groan if you want her to since several sensors respond to your movements and touches. You may snuggle with Emma since she has a secure internal heating system that maintains a genuine human body temperature.

Emma has intriguing and flirtatious eyes. She can blink and move her eyes to glance around, giving her a lifelike appearance.

The gears in Emma’s robotic mouth allow her lips to move in time with her speech and permit a variety of facial expressions. Emma’s mechanically articulated neck can spin in any direction. She can follow sound and your voice, and she will turn to face you when you talk.

Emma already has artificial intelligence built in and doesn’t need any more accessories. She has a little screen on the back of her head that can be programmed.

Jerkmate - DOI - Responsive 300x250 square

The Emma 1 Companion Robot is constructed of M-TPE. This enhanced kind of traditional TPE has more flex and flexibility, allowing her face to produce realistic emotions and movements that give the sense that she is speaking.

2. Robotic Catgirls from Lilium Robotics AI doll 

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Iilium Robotics AI sex doll , a company founded in 2020, seeks to develop general-purpose robots with artificial intelligence in addition to “the first real robotic cat girls.”

There are two “loveable” robot alternatives available.

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The first is a 150cm tall, 10 kilogram, and 4-hour battery-life Standard Lily. The smaller robotic catgirl model is just 100 cm tall and weighs 5 kg. It will cost around $2,000 and $1,000, respectively.

The majority of the company’s production is reportedly done internally in British Columbia employing a small 3D printing farm and several assembly benches.

3. Lux Botics AI robotic – Luxury Service Humanoids with Sexual Application

For a variety of areas, including fashion, elder care, and, of course, sexual or romantic companionship, the business Lux Botics is creating a service robot.


A firm representative claims that they have developed a female robot with an automated skeleton designed specifically for sexual movements.

We think our skeleton was cleverly built, and as a result, we have the best, most lifelike motion, he continued. Watch the demonstration video below to see the 2020 prototype.

Additionally, Lux Botics is creating Bed Botixs, a service robot with a robotic arm system that helps you while you’re in bed. With its many uses, it is feasible to add a sexual attachment that will allow for hands-free sex, which may be especially appealing to those who have limited hand movement.


A general-purpose gripper attachment can handle a dildo, the spokesman continued, but it will also be possible to connect a specialist massage gripper made for sexual operation.

At this point, the business has finished creating a human mold that is accurate and is creating the first skeleton that will go inside the mold.

4. Doll Sweet’s AI Sex Dolls


Two iterations of a talking robotic head are being developed by reputable Chinese love doll company Doll Sweet (also known as DS Doll). The prototype, according to a business official, speaks Chinese but not yet English.

The head will fit on top of any silicone sex doll body that is between 158cm and 167cm in length from Doll Sweet.

A smartphone (running iOS or Android) or gaming controller may operate the head, which can also produce noises from an mp3 file.

According to a spokeswoman, the non-sexual first-generation robot goods are ready for mass production, but the sexual component of the robot is still in the research and development stage.

The robot is currently intended for lectures, greeting, and etiquette. It can be utilized as a front desk agent at a hotel, a shopper’s companion, or a commentator.

Doll Sweet does not know when the second edition, which will cost more and have artificial intelligence, would be available for purchase. It can be operated by voice commands in Chinese and features a rotating neck and shoulder.

According to a business official, the voice control technology is already finished, and the head can converse similarly to how Siri on your smartphone does. It can, for instance, find answers by looking up information online or in a built-in database. A system for home automation can also be used with it.

The project, according to the business, is a massive operation that will require a lot of resources. It has begun developing a full-body AI sex robot but is unsure of its completion date.

5. MISSDOLL – Oral sex robot AI

Chinese love doll business MISSDOLL debuted in 2018. It offers a variety of artificial partners for sale and is now working on an oral sex robot that can be operated by voice.

Even though it is not now for sale, the business had previously listed it for a staggering $999,9999. At the Las Vegas 2019 AVN Adult Enertainment Expo, we witnessed the prototype in use.

The wearable masturbator cup that is connected to the sexbot’s mouth allows it to imitate fellatio.

The Oral Sex Robot got a lot of negative feedback after releasing the NSFW video demo below to the Twitterverse.


BodAI is another project that, at least in its original incarnation, is no longer in existence. Early in 2016, it had a soft launch and was created by Zak Field and Katie Aquino (also known as Miss Metaverse).

Field revealed to Future of Sex in August that he and Aquino are no longer collaborating. He did, however, add that he is moving ahead with a new business that would execute his initial intentions for BodAI.

What exactly was BodAI doing? In a virtual incubator, the team was creating artificially intelligent companions and training them how to interact with people and learn from their experiences.

The major objective wasn’t to develop an AI just for sex but rather a buddy or assistant that may develop into something more and share love and intimacy.

7. Realbotix /Abyss Creations – AI Sex Dolls ‘Harmony’ & ‘Henry’

RealDoll 1.jpg

Realbotix SEX AI ROBOTIC, a venture started by Matt McMullen of Abyss Creations in California in 2015, is a well-known forerunner. Sadly, because Abyss Creations is a private firm, investors interested in the maker of sexbots are unable to purchase any of its shares.

If you like watching TV and movies, chances are you’ve seen McMullen’s work.

The RealDoll, a very popular silicone sex doll made by Abyss Creations, has been featured in a number of films and television programs, including Lars and the Real Girl and Sons of Anarchy.

A robotic talking head that can be fitted to RealDoll bodies and gives the appearance of consciousness was developed as part of the Realbotix project in particular. The Anrdoid-only RealDollX software gave these AI sex dolls their artificial intelligence.

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