dork whale penis: how big is a whale penis

dork Whale Penis – The Largest Member of the Willy Family

The male whale genitalia is known as “Dork” in some regions of British Columbia, Canada.

The penis, or “dork,” of the blue whale is the biggest ever recorded. Male adults are 5 meters in height on average (15ft). The testicles are 10 kg heavy (22 pounds). During the mating season, the blue whale may generate 3 to 20 liters of sperm.

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How long is dork whale penis?

how big is a whale penis: The blue whale is the biggest animal to have ever walked the world, and it has a phallus to match. Blue whale penises have a foot-long diameter and a length of eight to 10 feet. Its testes may weigh up to 150 pounds and produce gallons of sperm in a single ejaculation.

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The blue whale has the longest penis in the entire animal kingdom, averaging 8 to 10 feet long and reaching a maximum of 16 feet in the largest example yet discovered (5m). The right whale, the killer whale, and the gray whale all have willies that are around 6 feet (1.8 meters) long, making them comparable in size to an elephant’s, which possesses the longest penis of any land creature.

dork whale penis
dork whale penis

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is a dork a whale penis

The term “dork” is originally a reference to a whale’s penis. (For example, the blue whale’s brain is the biggest animal.)
A specific penile region of the anatomy might be referred to as a “dork,”… Is the name “dork” genuinely a phrase for a whale penis’ origin?

What do you call a whale penis, is it a dork?

Apparently, the term “dork” refers to a whale’s penis. The Urban Dictionary defines it as the penis of a blue whale. However, you won’t find this phrase in a legitimate dictionary, any academic writing, or even on wikipedia, but it is present on Urban Legends.

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Does a dork whale penis have bones?

Baculum, which in Latin means “stick” or “shaft,” is the name of the penile bones found in many animals, including whales, dogs, and monkeys. With no need for Viagra, these bones enable a male to mate with a female for an extended period of time with his dork whale penis.

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The penile bone, also known as the os penis, is thought to have disappeared in humans because our mating systems have evolved to allow us to have more sexual encounters with the same partner more frequently. As a result, the duration of each encounter has decreased, making the penile bone superfluous.

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More facts about dork whales penis junk

  • It is not common to see the whale’s penis because it usually remains hidden inside the animals genital slit
  • The non boney part is very flexible and can be moved around and positioned by the whale at will
  • The blue whale ejaculates about 35 pints (20 litres) of sperm in one round

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