what is greek sex?

greek sex was a practice that set traditional Greek sexual life apart. Adult men, both married and single, frequently had intercourse with teenage boys.

greek sex: just an exotic euphemism!

Perhaps when you think about Greece, everything sounds a little more exotic. Imagine yourself on a beautiful island, enjoying some delicious Greek food and beverages with friends, a significant other, or even just yourself.

The same is true of Greek sex, too. It’s really simply an unfamiliar phrase for what you already understand.

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what is greek sex?

Simply defined, Greek sex is anal sex with a better name. Even if it wasn’t generally accepted, it is stated that the Ancient Greeks were totally in favor of guys engaging in sexual encounters.

The Romans popularized the phrase “Greek sex” in order to add humor to their plays. They would include anal sex in their scenarios, giving the impression that the Greek civilization was the only one that practiced this type of sex.

And while many terms in use today have some connection to Ancient Greece, there was no Greek word for “gay” or “heterosexual” They saw the sexual activity as just that—sexual activity.

It was natural and healthy to be with someone of a different gender or the same gender.

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why is greek sex so appealing?

It is now clear that Greek sex is only anal sex, and it is widely accepted that people of all sexual orientations enjoy this type of sexual activity.

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People from diverse backgrounds love various forms of anal stimulation, whether they do it alone with anal sex gadgets or with a partner. What makes it so alluring?

There are various factors contributing to anal sex’s popularity besides the fact that it may be extremely pleasurable (particularly for men who can have their prostate stimulated via anal sex or stimulation).

  • The taboo factor: when something is “forbidden” or taboo, it often makes it more alluring or exciting
  • Novelty: trying something new releases the feel-good hormone, dopamine
  • A surprising accident: when a finger or tongue wanders, a receiver of anal stimulation may just find that it feels good and will want to continue
  • Orgasms: an orgasm can be intensified during anal sex, as the sphincter muscles contract during climax
  • It feels good: perhaps one of the most prevalent reasons to enjoy anal sex, is simply because it feels good! 

It’s true that males are frequently attracted by the prospect of having Greek sex with a woman. To get a little more technical (and, quite honestly, to stop beating about the bush),

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It’s interesting to note that the prevalence of heterosexual anal intercourse has increased dramatically over the past 60 years, rising from 15% of persons in the 1950s to a third of males today.

These percentages are still quite telling, even if some people were ashamed or too conservative to confess to experiencing this type of closeness in the past.

why do some heterosexual men lust after greek sex?

Of course, there are a plethora of reasons why having anal intercourse with a woman could appeal to heterosexual guys.


Some people might get excited just thinking about meeting a lady who will indulge in Greek sex. It is intrinsically provocative to consider a woman who is sexually explorative and interested in having this sort of intercourse without considering becoming pregnant.

She is somewhat willing to just enjoy her body without the intention of having children because the sexual act is merely physical.

Additionally, it’s been reported that women who have Greek sex experience greater orgasms! Generally spoken, not necessarily during anal sex. This leads to the conclusion that these women are more sexually adventurous and open to trying new things in order to discover and enjoy their sexual pleasure.


In the end, we’re not advocating that all women engage in Greek sex. But we unquestionably support women who embrace their sexuality and partake in pleasure. So go ahead and indulge in all the fantastic, consenting, and safe sex.

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