Top 20: Best Canadian Pornstars (2022)

Numerous great Canadian pornstars have graced the adult business throughout the years. These adorable Canadians never fail to enthrall viewers all around the world with their breathtaking beauty, fantastic sex scenes, and seductive accents. The top 20 Canadian pornstars for 2022 are all listed here if you adore beautiful women from the Great White North!

The rankings on this page are based on worldwide visitors and Canadian models. This is a list of pornstars, solo models and porn video actresses from Canada. Top Canadian Pornstars. Over the years, the adult industry has been graced by the presence of many amazing Canadian pornstars.

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Best Canadian Pornstars 2022

20. Vanessa Gold

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Vanessa Gold is among the Best Canadian Pornstars, a tad less severe than the prior Vandal Vyxen. That is a major no if she fucks with the condom like her coworker. We can see her a few positions higher if she were to drop some plastic wrappers. Particularly, her body and ass could be framed and hung on the wall.

19. Kylee Strutt

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We welcome Kylee Strutt, a 5’2″ pornstar from British Columbia, Canada. She was born in 1987 and has a shoddy DD breast job and a passable butter face. She is in the top a thousand pornstars and is unexpectedly well-liked on free porn sites.

18. Lanny Barby

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I’m not homosexual, but Lanny’s manner of swallowing sperm makes it seem sweeter than cake frosting (we have gay pornstars list though). This Canadian pornstar has that quality, which is one of my favorites.

17. Sunny Leone

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Why is Sunny Leone on the list of Canadian pornstars yet she is one of our top Indian pornstars? because she inherited some Indian blood yet was born in Canada. That seems reasonable to me.

16. Shay Sights

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The queen of old-school porn also reminds us of Nikki Benz. For some reason, multiple porn sites name Nikki a Canadian pornstar even though she was born in Ukraine. Shay Sights still works in the industry.

15. Grace Harlow

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Here’s a scenarion which happens when you let your girlfriend leave for a “girls’ night” out. All of them are cheating sluts and this video proves my bias. This looks like a Canadian gangbang where you get to not only taste many flavors of pussy but also pound these pancakes.

14. Alyssa Reece

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Alyssa Reece is up for some lesbian action. Don’t worry just yet; she also performs straight porn. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the Canadian pornstar is the one sticking her tongue into the performer’s asshole and tasting the berries.

Jerkmate - DOI - Responsive 300x250 square

13. Kelly Summer

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ollowing the lesbian trend, here is Kelly Summer. It’s clear as night and day that she is doing much better in the clit sucking department and brings much more love to the table. Also, this Canadian pornstar has a rather unique piercing on her nose. 

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