Q&A: Nikki Benz Is Souped Up and Accelerating Faster Than Ever

Nikki Benz has made a name for herself as a prolific creator, streamer, and adored studio star throughout the course of her two-decade career in adult, independent, and mainstream media.

“I managed to accomplish a lot of things I’m proud of before switching from studio shootings to independent content development,” Benz said, reflecting on her career accomplishments to date. My dedication to my profession earned me several lucrative assignments and distinctions, including 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year.


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Regarding her crossover success, Benz starred in the Michael Bay picture “Pain & Gain” and spent three years as a regular on the Fox Sports program “Cubed,” where she “got to meet some of the world’s top stars” in addition to Bay, one of her favorite directors. In addition, she has performed on Howard Stern several times and worked for Hulu, among other non-adult jobs.

In terms of adult employment, she said, “I’ve committed to several deals with some of the largest studios, I became a Fleshlight girl, I presented events, and I even won an XBIZ Crossover Star of the Year award for my mainstream work.

The evergreen performer is propelling her career at full speed, especially during her livestreamed camming events, with her #BenzMafia admirers ready to click away on subscriptions, videos, and her outspoken firebrand social media postings. Through Fangear.vip, she has also established a successful merchandising company where she sells anything from keychains to her “Sultry” calendar line.

As she discusses her work/life balance, objectives, and more in this exclusive Cam Star of the Month interview, rev those engines if you want to keep up with a souped-up Benz.

XBIZ: What are your primary revenue streams and what takes up most of your time?

BENZ: My primary revenue stream is content creation. I am heavily involved in producing content for OnlyFans, where I shoot everything from solo work to high-end scenes with a whole film crew. Being a content creator, at least for me, is demanding. Some days I shoot for 12-16 hours and that definitely takes a toll, but it’s rewarding in the end. When I do produce, everything is on me, from scheduling makeup and hair to arranging locations, talent, photographers and videographers. If I do a solo day, I am literally all those things, which is time-consuming.

XBIZ: How has your outspoken authenticity on social media expanded your #BenzMafia fan base in recent years?

BENZ: My fans love how raw I am on social media. The #BenzMafia fan base is super loyal; I love reading their comments when it comes to my authenticity. There is so much fake BS on social media because some people live for the “likes.” I am just me. I think people appreciate the honesty.

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XBIZ: What is your brand’s visual style these days as far as fashion, content, aesthetics and overall vibe?

BENZ: I have always been into glam, and to this day I continue with being glamorous. I’d say I’m elegant/hardcore; I am not afraid to be a lady, but then I’ll get down and dirty, so to speak. That image was also appreciated when I became the first hardcore performer to become a Penthouse Pet of the Year. I like to be well-rounded without getting pigeonholed in the adult industry. It’s why I’ve had many successes throughout my career.

XBIZ: Which colleagues in the industry do you consider friends or feel most inspired by?

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BENZ: Keiran Lee I’ve known forever, and I can honestly say I’m proud of him as a friend. I’ve seen him at the beginning of his U.S. adult film career, and where he is now. His work ethic is unreal. Ava Addams is another friend I look up to. She is one of the hardest-working and smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with.

XBIZ: Talk about the business you do with Fangear.

BENZ: I feel so lucky to have come into contact with Danny Ferretti and Fangear. I shoot so much glam content and Danny gave me an avenue to show it off. I love all of the projects we’ve worked on, including my 2022 and 2023 “Sultry” calendar. I encourage fans to visit NikkiBenzMerch.com to see all of the wonderful merchandise, not limited to posters and calendars.


XBIZ: What kind of merchandise sells best for you, and how do you continually refine your offerings each year?

BENZ: Posters, keychains and calendars are my top sellers. Given the success of my “Sultry” calendar in 2022, for 2023 I decided to continue with that name. It’s simple, yet elegant and catchy. Sultry Vol. 2 can now be ordered at NikkiBenzMerch.com. I refine my offerings each year by producing grander content for my merchandise. I also listen to the fans and constantly ask them what they would like to see.

XBIZ: Discuss your approach to OnlyFans as far as juggling interactions, consistent feed posting, PPV DMs and pricing.


BENZ: My approach is to always put my fans first, and find out what they want to see. I’m very interactive in the DMs, which lets me get close to my fans — and keeps me entertained, to be honest! I truly enjoy it. Feed posting is important because that is the face of your account; thankfully, OnlyFans has an option to preschedule the feed to save time, but most of the time I post the day of, as it’s more authentic that way. As for PPV pricing, I have figured out a formula and it’s been working great.

XBIZ: How do you handle marketing and what avenues seem to drive the best traffic?

BENZ: I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram. TikTok is still something new to me. Nonetheless, social media is a great driving force for traffic, especially Twitter. Google search is great, but when I put up a link to my OnlyFans, that is a direct line to me. It makes it easier for the fans to find me.

XBIZ: What’s next for your career in the new year and beyond?

BENZ: Producing more content and working with new performers. I love working with my “regulars,” as in performers I know and trust, but it’s also important for me to venture out and find new professional talent to work with, to make it fun for my fans and myself.

I have a lot of projects outside of adult, and I’m excited to see how the two worlds will coexist in the coming year. NikkiBenzFans.com is going to have bigger scenes in the new year, while NikkiBenzMerch.com will be adding new products.

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