How To Become a Male Pornstar

Interested in learning how to become a male pornstar?

Almost every male in the world has viewed porn. Many men desire to try their luck at becoming male porn stars, even if some of us are aware that we lack the necessary skills.

However, even if you were born with extraordinary endurance, a dick that was remarkably enormous, and the sculpted excellent looks and body of Adonis… Making it in the adult film business requires much more than that.

Despite the value of professionalism, industry expertise, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic, the reality is that becoming successful depends just as much on dumb luck as it does on possessing a sizable dong.

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Want to Become a Male Pornstar? Here’s What You Need to Know

According to pornstar Julia Ann, “Men find it more difficult than women to break into the profession. The most typical method for males to get into acting has always been when they were dating female stars and wanted to go on set together.”

You may have a ticket to pornographic glory if your present companion is already a photographer. It could be a little difficult if not. Aside from the fact that it’s a very selective profession, the path to stardom isn’t quite the wild ride you might be expecting.

Similar to Hollywood, breaking into the porn industry will definitely need a lot of effort, patience, insider contacts, and a little bit of luck.


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What Does It Take To Become a Male PornStar?

In the past, ladies have typically found it simpler to enter the porn industry than men have. Although a little has improved over the past several decades, males still have it harder than women do.

In contrast to women, male pornstars are under more pressure to “perform.” Men can’t act their way out of a scenario when they aren’t particularly hot, but women can.

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As a result, studios and independent producers frequently work with a limited ensemble of male actors who have a track record of delivering on-camera performances. The longer the studio has to pay the entire team to finish a shot, the less money there is in the scene since productions are operated on a restricted budget.

Simply said, you won’t stay long in this market if you can’t provide on demand. Yes, a lot of pros had at least one or two instances in which they “failed” a scene, but given the level of competition in this field, you won’t have many opportunities.

So what fundamental abilities or traits are required to succeed in the first place, other than the ability to handle having sex in front of a large group of strangers?

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Male Pornstar: Age

Male Pornstar requirement

Working in porn requires you to be at least 18 years of age with some studios requiring you to be 21 or over. You will, of course, need to show proof of your age and copies of this documentation will be kept by the studio for as long as they are distributing content you are featuring in.

Male Pornstar: Size Matters

We’d be lying if we said that size didn’t matter but, in this industry, it really does. Not only for the aesthetics but also for some practical reasons, size is important due to the mechanics of filming.


If you think about most hardcore scenes, the positions are rarely missionary but are instead a combination of more advanced techniques from doggy and spooning right through to the piledriver.

As the camera wants to see this action close up, a small cock doesn’t allow deep penetration in these positions to be visible.

Most men who work in the industry sport a dick that is over 7” long and anything above 9” is really only applicable if you want to get into the monster cock genre.


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Male Pornstar: Stamina

Your work-related endurance is far more significant than your size. The majority of pornographic scenes aren’t captured in a single continuous shot, thus the 20-minute movies you’ve been enjoying may have taken 4–8 hours to produce.

Male Pornstar: Shape

This is the last we’ll say about your junk since we don’t want to make you feel self-conscious, but your cock’s appearance and form are equally significant.

While there are no universally accepted “standards” for what constitutes a beautiful penis, there are several things that producers (and their audiences) clearly don’t want to see, such as bends, lumps, and growths.

Male Pornstar: Location

You probably already know that the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, is the world’s pornographic epicenter.

It makes sense that they are hiring from the same area since many of the major American studios film here.

Other big hubs for the adult movie business in the United States include:

  • New York City, New York
  • Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida
  • San Diego and San Francisco, California
  • Portland, Oregon

Over in Europe, the equivalent to San Fernando Valley is Prague in Czechia but there are some great studios and producers right across this area including:

  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands

Male Pornstar: Professionalism

Making a porn movie is a business and there is far more to filming than just pointing a few cameras at people having sex.

A shoot requires a full crew of sound and lighting engineers, cameramen as well as production assistants, costume, make-up, writers and, of course, the director.

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Male Pornstar: A Clean sexual health report

You will need to attend every shot with the proper documents in addition to being on time and doing well in front of the camera.

For a new porn star, this often entails presenting identification, proof of age, and a clean sexual health certification.

The FSC-PASS system is used by the American pornographic industry, and all actors are required to have undergone STI testing for the complete range of STIs within a 14-day timeframe before participating in any shot.

What Porn Companies Should Men Apply To as a male pornstars?

It takes a lot of planning to transition from one career to another, especially if the new field is one that is X-rated. If you want to create a career in porn, Driller believes it’s really a waste of time to apply to organizations — if you’re a male, that is. You may have tweaked your résumé to get your first full-time job out of college.

Driller claims that working through an agency is a better and more fruitful route than going straight to the huge firms who create and promote porn. “Begin with three photos: a facial shot, a body shot, and a dressed-up shot. If they enjoy your introduction, they will ask for the more information, and perhaps you can continue.

How Do You Pick a Stage Name for pornstar?

Having the appropriate name was crucial many years ago, when porn was still an emerging kind of entertainment (and most definitely not something you looked up online at any given time). Long before Google and Facebook eliminated privacy, it served as a means of protecting actors from being found out by their friends and family.

What Are Some Tips for Getting Into Porn as a pornstar?

  • Move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Miami
  • Let Go of Your Ego
  • Show That You’re Dynamic
  • get hard

How Much Do Male Porn Stars Make?

Male actors may get as much as $1,000 for a homosexual sex scene, with the low end of a basic blowjob scene being $50. Her research shows that the average heterosexual sex scene earns between $200 and $600, depending on the reputation of the production studio. To put those figures into perspective, the director, cameraman, and lighting team may anticipate earning more money than the typical male pornstar. to only make $30,000 every year

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