Angelo Adkins: All The Details On His Name, Age Adele’s Son

Simon Konecki and Adele’s kid is named Angelo Adkins. His parents shield him from attention. The public frequently expresses worry over the well-being of celebrity children and their parents’ parenting methods. Not an exception is Angelo Adkins. This article reveals fascinating facts about his parents if you’re interested in learning more about his life.

What’s the name of Adele’s son: Angelo Adkins

Adele gave her kid the name Angelo Adkins, adopting her own last name. Having started dating in 2011, she married Simon Konecki in 2018, and they had their only child together before divorcing in 2021. They are still jointly parenting Angelo Adkins.

How old is Adele’s son Angelo?

Angelo Adkins is currently ten years old at the time of writing. Adele gave birth to her first child on the 19th of October, 2012.

What has Adele said about her son Angelo?

Following a four-year break after the release of her third album, 30, Adele launched her most vulnerable album to date in 2022.

The ‘Hello’ singer has stated in several interviews that her album is dedicated to Angelo and that she believes the songs will assist in explaining the divorce to his father. Even her kid is included on the CD, exchanging heartfelt voice notes with her on one tune.

Angelo Adkins’ biography

The rich and well-known parents of Angelo Adkins. Simon Konecki is his father, while English singer-songwriter Adele is his mother. The father of Angelo Adkins is a philanthropic businessman.

Angelo Adkins was born where?

On Friday, October 19, 2012, in the UK, Adele Adkins and Simon Konecki gave birth to Angelo Adkins. Angelo’s name wasn’t made public by Adele until he was a few months old. After seeing the youngster wearing a necklace with the word “Angelo” on it, people were able to determine her name. Adele said that was the child’s first name in 2014.

Where is Angelo Adkins now?

In Los Angeles, Angelo Adkins visits his parents frequently. Simon and Adele have shared physical and legal custody. In LA, they even live next door to one another.

Angelo Adkins had both parents by his side. Simon and Adele have a cordial friendship despite the tumultuous divorce experience. They share an amicable child custody agreement for their son’s well-being and avoid having him on social media.

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