A Nude Family Birthday

“Family and friends celebrate the twins’ coming of age birthday”

I pulled my jacket tighter around myself, bracing against the November chill, and rang the doorbell. My legs were bare, a choice that my braver past-self had made when I first pulled on the too-short, too-tight dress. With my teeth chattering, I was starting to regret it.

“Hey!” Cara squealed when she opened the door. Music and laughter floated out from her parents house; the party looked busy already. “I’m so glad you made it!”

Cara stepped forward and embraced me in a one-armed hug, her other hand occupied with a cup of something pink.

“It’s good to see you,” I beamed and hugged her back.

A Nude Family Birthday

“Come in!”

I followed Cara inside the house, grateful for the warmth. I shrugged my jacket off, revealing my red dress. Cara gave an appreciative whistle.

“You look fantastic, Eilish,” she took my coat and hung it up. “Uni life has been good to you.”

“Tell that to my stress levels,” I smiled, shaking my head. Looking around, I tried to spied anyone I knew. There were a lot of people I vaguely recognised from high school, but my friend group had been small and Cara was the only one who was home for Thanksgiving.

“Listen,” she leaned in so I could hear her better over the music. “I need to go mingle and all that, make sure everyone’s having a good time. The drink’s in the kitchen; I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

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My heart sank a little at her leaving but I pulled my shoulders back. I wasn’t exactly a shrinking violet in high school, I mostly slipped by unknown, but university had given me a lot of self-confidence. Even though being surrounded by people who barely recognised me was threatening to bring that old anxiety back, I tried to channel the self-assurance I’d learned.

“Sure thing,” I nodded, chin up. Cara gave my arm an apologetic squeeze before disappearing into the crowd.

I swallowed and looked around.

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“Okay,” I muttered to myself. “First thing’s first – drink.”

Squeezing through clumps of people, I managed to make it to the kitchen. This appeared to be the main hub as people stood chatting around the island table. Various drinks were sitting in bowls of ice, ready to take. I reached between two people engrossed in conversation, stretching my arm to grab a bottle but my fingertips brushed the cap, not quite able to grasp it.

I was about to give up when an arm appeared from nowhere, plucking the bottle from the ice and tilting it towards me. I looked up to see him there.


“Hi,” he smiled.

Blair stood with his hand outstretched, offering me the beer. Old memories came flooding back; Blair brushing past me in the corridor, his aftershave intoxicating; Blair in the cafeteria, laughing; Blair at parties, always close but never within reach. A hundred or a thousand scribbled Eilish <3 Blair in my notepad. Blair, who was now standing and looking at me, me, at a party.

“Hi,” I breathed, accepting the bottle.


“Thought I’d help you out,” he took a sip from his own beer. My eyes lingered on his toned forearms, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. There was the hint of stubble across his jaw and his hair was thick enough to run your hands through. God, he was even better than I remembered.

“I’ll need to find some way to thank you.”

We locked eyes and I raised the beer to my lips, taking a long sip. Blair tilted his head to the side, appraising me.

“Eilish,” he said, his eyes trailing down my body. I was suddenly pleased I’d chosen this dress.

“You… know me?” I raised an eyebrow playfully.

“I do,” he nodded before pointing the top of his bottle at me. “You were in the year below me.”

I hid my delight behind a neutral face and took another drink.

“So, you must be in your final year at Uni? How you finding it?” he started to make small talk.

Someone walked briskly past us, wafting Blair’s aftershave across me and I fought to keep control of myself.

“Stressful,” I replied instead. “But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Blair nodded just as a group of people shifted behind him, and he took a step closer to me so we were nearly pressed together. I tried and failed to suppress my giddiness as my heart rate skyrocketed.

“So,” he leaned on the island table, eyes on mine. “Do you remember me from school?”

“Yeah,” I looked away, coyly.

“What do you remember?”

I thought about the nights I spent touching myself, the orgasms I’d had, thinking about him. I thought about my fantasies where he’d be buried between my legs, getting his fill of me. Or his mouth on my nipples, nibbling and sucking. Instead, I stayed quiet, smiling as I took a swig.

“Secretive,” he grinned back.

The crowd surged behind me, knocking me into Blair and spilling my beer.

“Shit,” I pulled back. My chest, already on show from my dress, was soaked in beer and so was Blair’s shirt. I looked up to see him staring at my cleavage.

“Shit indeed,” he laughed, tearing his eyes away. “It’s too busy in here, let’s go outside.”

Immediately, I thought of the cold and wanted to say no but stopped myself. Gorgeous Blair, the object of my high school fantasies, wanted to go outside with me.

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s.”

He took me by the hand and led me through the crowd, his large form making headway through the busy rooms better than I was able to. I was reminded of the numerous high school parties I’d seen him at but didn’t have a reason to strike up conversation. So I’d stayed with my friends, wishing he would take my hand and lead us somewhere quiet. Now it was coming true, my heart was thumping so hard I thought it was going to burst from my chest. Eventually, we made it to the back doors and stepped into the garden. It was littered with a few people smoking and chatting quietly. Blair took me to one of the low brick walls where we were able to sit down.

Able to hear each other much clearer, we made small talk; he had recently graduated from Uni and was back home to start in his new job. We bitched about how hard the final year was and how weird it was to be back in our hometown after living away.

He seemed to notice how exposed I was to the cold and came closer, wrapping an arm around me. Butterflies exploded in my stomach.

“Can I tell you something?” Blair asked, turning himself to face me.

“Sure,” I fought my chattering teeth.

“I kinda suspected you were this cool in high school… I wish I’d had the balls to have talked to you.”

I looked at him, caught off guard. He had wanted to talk to me? As I was trying to think of something to say, he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine.

His mouth was warm and soft, an oasis in the cold. I could taste the faint traces of beer on his tongue as he pressed more urgently against me, his arms snaking around my waist to pull me closer. I melted into him, heart thumping so I realised the real thing was so much better than any of my high school fantasies.

Blair’s other hand cupped my face as we kissed before pushing into my hair, gripping me gently.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

He kissed me again and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his fingers on my waist, squeezing like he couldn’t get enough of me. His tongue slipped into my mouth, softly running over mine. Despite the cold, I felt myself flush. My whole body ached for him.

I broke the kiss but kept myself pressed against him, moving my mouth to his ear.

“Blair,” I whispered.

“Mmm?” he replied, planting slow kisses on my neck. Each one set me alight.

“You were my first orgasm.”

“What?” he pulled away to look at me.

“My first orgasm…” I looked back at him. “I had it when I was thinking of you.”

He said nothing then but his lips parted slightly and, his hand on my back, he pulled me in until my chest was against his.

“Come with me.”

Moving swiftly, he grabbed my hand and took me inside. The house was even more full, with almost everyone from our year squeezed in. Blair went through them wordlessly, pulling me through and up the stairs. He looked around once we got there and I pointed to Cara’s old room.

It was empty, unsurprisingly since Cara was probably regularly kicking people out. We didn’t have much time. Blair closed the door behind us and locked it, although we could still hear people through the wall.

We stood looking at each other for a moment and I was suddenly unsure what to do. I’d had a few boyfriends during Uni and I was no virgin, but the bashfulness that came with a teenage crush had crept up on me for the first time that night. I felt my cheeks get warm and was immediately self-conscious of my skimpy dress.

“You’re…” Blair started before striding over to me and grabbing my waist. “I don’t think you understand how many times I’ve thought about this.”

His voice was low and breathless, his eyes on my lips. I snaked my hands up his firm chest as he kissed me again. This time it wasn’t slow but urgent, and his fingers dug into my hips as he began grinding himself against me. I could feel his hardness through his jeans and felt my own body respond, a warmth spreading from between my legs.

His mouth left mine to trail kisses down my neck. I tilted my head back, allowing him more access to the soft skin on my throat. He moved lower, and then lower until he was kneeling in front of me. With my back against the wall, Blair pushed my dress up over my hips. As he dipped his head forward to lick my soaked panties, I heard a burst of chatter from outside the door and had a sudden moment of clarity on what we were doing; people, our old classmates, were right outside that door. I bit my lip to keep from making a noise, my eyes drawn away from the door that separated us from the party as Blair pulled my panties to the side and began to slowly lap at my pussy.

He dragged the flat of his tongue along the length of my lips before softly sucking on my clit, which was now more sensitive than it had ever been. The faint stubble on his jaw rubbed against my sensitive skin. His mouth moved like he was slowly savouring me, taking long, deep licks that made me grip the back of his head to stop me from moaning.

I looked down as he explored every inch of me with his tongue and his eyes were closed as though in bliss. His tongue expertly circled my clit, licking in slow, broad strokes. Slowly, he began to slip one of his fingers inside me. The sensitive nerves in my clit had already been throbbing with pleasure, but with the combination of his broad finger penetrating me, I felt myself getting ready to cum.


There was a loud knock on the door.

“Who’s in there?” Cara’s annoyed shout came from the other side. “You’re not allowed in there!”

“Fuck,” I breathed, looking down at Blair. We locked eyes and knew. “Quickly.”

He immediately rose to his feet.

“You sure?”

“I need you,” I told him, still cloaked in a haze of pleasure. “I need you inside me.”

Without hesitation, he unbuttoned his jeans. I reached down and pulled his cock free; it was harder than I thought it would be, rock solid beneath my fingers with the tip shiny with precum. Blair moaned gently as I touched him and placed one of his hands against the wall, the muscles in his arm tense. I made to turn around but he stopped me.

“I want to see you,” he lined himself up with my entrance as he spoke. “I want to see you cum on my cock.”

He grabbed the underside of my thigh, pulling my leg up and allowing him better access. His eyes were glazed over, his breathing ragged. I was more than wet enough for him and dug my nails into his back as he pushed himself inside me.

I felt his cock throb as he sank himself a few inches deep, enveloped in my pussy. He pulled back slightly before going deeper until he was buried to the hilt.

“God,” he breathed. “Fuck, Eilish. You feel amazing.”

My lips gripped him, hungrily pulling his cock back inside me whenever he withdrew and I moved my hips in time with his. He started to move at a steady pace, each time he would thrust it would set me on fire. He was stretching the walls of my pussy but not painfully; I felt full with him as the ridges of his cock rubbed against all my most sensitive areas. Pressed together against the wall, each of his movements would brush against my clit and I was soon bucking against him, encouraging him to go as deep as he could.


More angry knocks at the door, but we ignored it, fucking like animals against the wall.

He roughly pulled my dress down, exposing my breasts. They were still sticky from the beer but he didn’t seem to care and used his free hand to play with them. He teased my nipples, pinching them between his fingers. I was caught in complete pleasure and my orgasm was building. His eyes were watching me.

“Cum for me,” he whispered. My legs buckled under the tidal wave that ran over me but he gripped me tight and held me up, his cock relentlessly pounding at me. My pussy contracted around him in a vice-like grip and I soon felt him begin to throb.

His previous tenderness has disappeared and he was now thrusting with animalistic desire. Blair buried his face in my neck and shuddered. He exploded inside me, shooting thick ropes of cum deep in my welcoming pussy. I felt his muscles tense and jerk as he fought to keep himself quiet, his fingers digging deep enough into my thigh to leave bruises.

When he pulled out, he looked down to admire his cum slowly leaking from between my lips and pulled my panties back across.

“We need to get cleaned up,” I started before hearing the tell-tale sound of a lock turning in the bedroom door. “Quick!”

We dove to the ground and rolled under the bed just as Cara stormed into the room. I saw her shoes as she stalked across her bedroom.

“Hello?” she called, slowly turning.

We stayed silent as she surveyed the room but, pressed together, I noticed Blair’s cock was still out of his jeans; I could feel him against my ass, still exposed with my dress hiked up. I wiggled against him, smirking, and began to grind against his semi-hard dick.

He was still slick with both his cum and mine. Sandwiched between my ass cheeks, he began to get hard again. I think the fear of getting caught was turning us both on. For me, now that I’d lived the fantasy I’d always dreamed of, I couldn’t get enough of him.

We stayed quiet, moving slowly, and I pulled my panties to the side for him again. Still being full of his first load of cum, it wasn’t hard for him to slip back inside me, though I could still feel every inch of his hardness. We lay on our sides, my back to him as he grabbed my hips to better position me. With a single thrust, he was buried back inside my pussy.

“Who was in there, Cara?” someone called from the hallway.

“I don’t know,” she replied, sighing. “There’s no one here.”

As she spoke, Blair reached around to stroke my clit. My back arched, allowing him to go deeper.

“This is better than I ever fantasied,” he murmured in my ear, low enough so that only I could hear him. His slow thrusts and small circles around my sensitive bud were driving me crazy. As my body began to shudder, he clamped a hand around my mouth. We were only a few feet away from the busy crowds in the corridor, the noises spilling into the room. I came for a second time as people chatted and laughed, none the wiser.

Blair followed soon after, his cock filling me once more and softly groaning, his grip on my hips not any gentler than they had been the first time. Cara seemingly gave up and walked out, closing the door behind her and turning the loud sounds of the party into a dull buzz. Sweaty, sticky and breathless, Blair and I lay for a few moments under the bed. His arms were wrapped around me, his heart thumping against my back.

Slowly, we untangled and I managed to half-gracefully get out from our hiding place. Cum was now freely spilling down my thigh and my dress was scrunched up around my waist.

“What I would have given to see you like this back then,” he chuckled before helping me into the ensuite.

When I had finished cleaning up, Blair was sitting on the bed, waiting for me. He glanced up as I walked in, with the same grin that had consumed my thoughts as a teenager. I smiled back, not quite believing my luck.

He stood and crossed the space between us, softly cupping my face.

“Let’s make up for lost time.”

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